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Die Kraaines Pet Warehouse was established about 16 years ago without a name. With the support of his parents, Danie Bothma, owner and manager, started his hobby in their garage.

Die Kraaines Pet Warehouse, is a true testament that passion and persistence is the foundation of a successful company.

Danie’s unmistaken care and knowledge of animals and birds, insured him his clients trust and Die Kraaines Pet Warehouse grew from strength to strength.

After 16 years Die Kraaines Pet Warehouse boasts that we are well known country wide and can proudly say that we are the biggest  pet warehouse in the Eastern Cape.

Die Kraaines Pet Warehouse mainly specialize in birds and is known for the wide variety of breeding birds, as well as baby birds that are hand reared before it is sold.

Die Kraaines Pet Warehouse is a paradise for all animal lovers. We stock finches, parakeets, parrots, pheasants, chickens, ducks, monkeys, snakes and a huge variety of tropical and cold water fish to pick and choose from. Now we also stock puppies.

We also stock a range of beautiful birdcages and dog kennels, animal toys and accessories. We stock food for all animals, from cats to dogs and snakes – and medicine and vitamins to keep your best friend healthy and in tip top shape.

At Die Kraaines Pet Warehouse you will find Brakkie en Kietsie Salon, with 13 years experience, you can have your best friend bathed and shaved. All sizes of dogs are welcome as well as cats.We provide a range of services:

  • brushing of teeth.
  • shave.
  • bath.
  • nails.


We also have a delivery service to fetch and deliver your best friend.

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We stock

  • finches.
  • parakeets.
  • parrots.
  • pheasants.
  • chickens.
  • ducks.
  • monkeys.
  • snakes.
  • tropical water fish.
  • cold water fish.
  • puppies.
  • kittens.
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